Vote, Heal, Transform

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  1. Robin

    I voted early!

  2. Barbara Lamb

    Thanks, Ben – this is such a heartfelt offer and response to a great hurt and need in this world. I have already voted – and am interested in your offer. However, you do not say where this gathering will be held. I would like to know a few more details…..

    Blessings to you for your caring, Barbara

  3. KaronBrobst

    Ben, I want to share this message with my daughters. I need to know when and where.

  4. Anonymous

    ❤️you so much my brother!

  5. Anonymous

    I voted early!! What a generous amazing offer!! I look forward to meeting you. Where will the event be?

  6. Anonymous

    I VOTED!!! I want in February…plz send dates and where to send $200 deposit!

  7. Jon Hokama

    My wife, eldest daughter and I worked through our ballots and are dropping off our ballots tomorrow! Our voes count. We’re with you and others to bring healing/shalom to our nation, Ben. Thanks for your vision, passion and enthusiasm.

  8. Susie

    YES! We CAN do this. Thank you for such an inspiring message and way of being. There is hope and we ARE the light. Voting on Tuesday because I am old-school and also because I take it all in…the fact that I can cast my vote in a public place with freedom!

  9. Nedi Safa

    I broke my leg, but I’m still going to vote on crutches if need be.

  10. Ben Saltzman

    Hi Gang,
    Ben Saltzman here.
    Thank you for commenting and for going out to vote!

    The event will be on February 23, 24, 25 in Santa Cruz CA.
    We will send an email with the link to register on Tuesday afternoon.
    I look forward to seeing you there.

    Big Love,

  11. Marjorie Saulson

    Both my husband and I voted using absentee ballots.

    We used to be able to vote for some democratic candidates and some republican candidates; but unfortunately most republican candidates seem to have all drunk the negative fear juice spread so widely by that occupant in the White House (I refuse to call him my president) with which he has been contaminating our country by spreading his updated version of Hitler’s playbook.

  12. Danelle

    Dropped off my ballot on Saturday! We can do this!!

  13. Bob

    Ben, thanks so much. You’re right on track and I have been bending ears for at least the last six months trying to convince everyone to come out and vote. I believe I’ve convinced at least 1 or 2 people who have never exercised this right to do it now!

    I will be voting tomorrow with purpose and pride.

  14. Anonymous

    Excellent work, Ben. Thanks for making the video and sending it out. I’m all ready for the polls: have my ballot filled out and plan to call at least 20 people to support getting vote out. Namaste,
    Karen P.

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