Ben Saltzman is an internationally known presenter, world class facilitator, and a fortune 500 trainer. Review the presentation topics below that Ben Saltzman can offer as keynotes and full day programs.

The Nine Enneagram Types Revealed

This program is an engaging exploration of the nine types found on the Enneagram with a unique flair that brings the types alive for the audience.

In the program participants will discover the hidden motivations of the types, the strange unconscious fears, the strengths they can use to their advantage in business, typical ways they sabotage their own success, how to communicate with them, and how to set them up for success.

The unique aspect of this program is in how it’s delivered. The presenter, Ben Saltzman is an internationally known Enneagram expert who has been teaching the Enneagram for over 20 years. He will act out the nine types and “embody” them fully as the audience asks him probing questions. The energy, intensity, speech patterns, and spontaneous responses of each type emerge organically from the collaboration between the audience and presenter in ways that consistently create humor, aliveness, and laughter.

Participants will come away with a deeper understanding of their own Enneagram Type, a direction for their own growth and development, and actions they can take to support their co-workers efficiency and achievement at work based on type. The unique presentation format increases retention of the information presented, and brings a sharp focus on participants exact needs as it allows participants to ask about their personal curiosities.

The Relational Leader


When you are a leader, often people don’t understand all the complexities you face or the weight of your responsibilities. Being in charge can be isolating and lonely; it can feel like others are looking at a projected image instead of the real you.

Whether you’re leading an organization, managing a team, or are a coach, you know your capacity to form solid and trusting relationships is key to your success. As we move into higher levels of leadership and influence, we must bravely face our inner psychology to “get real” about the hidden core relational patterns holding us back.

In this workshop, we will create opportunities to shift these patterns through experiential activities, small group work, and Gestalt-based experiences. You will discover new skills to understand others, dynamic ways to build rapport quickly, and the confidence to navigate conflict and tension. Along the way, you’ll get to know a new network of like-minded leaders you can tap into for understanding and support.


  • Discover your hidden relational patterns.
  • Learn new skills to understand other people’s worldviews.
  • Learn dynamic ways to build rapport quickly.
  • Gain the confidence to navigate conflict and tension.
  • Create a network of like-minded leaders you can tap into for support.

“After doing shadow work with Ben, I brought in over $165,000 in sales at my 3-day event, I asked for (and got!) double the offered advance on my new book and, for the first time ever, I’m actually saving 20% of my income each month. Best of all, I feel more open, relaxed and confident than ever before.”

Samantha Bennett

"Ben Saltzman has established himself internationally through his world renown year long program "Relational Mastery" Ben is a highly sought out individual who truly adds value to others through his extraordinary coaching methods."

Bob Proctor

​"​Change is when we learn a new skill or useful new information; transformation is when we reorganize at a deeper level, a new platform for a whole new approach to lifelong learning and growth. You'll get both with Ben Salzman. The work is immediately practical and ultimately spiritual -- new connections, new capacities, new power and freedom in living.​"​

Gordon Wheeler
President, ​Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California