How The Enneagram Mimics A Divine Aspect

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  1. Nancy

    Ah, yes, surrendering into the appreciation of what is already perfect (even without the type 1 fixing!)

  2. Christian

    This morning early I sat down to work on Biblical Hebrew using my iPad. Before starting, I went to check e-mails and received an inner awareness of doing things in a receptive, undriven state. I saw Ben’s juicy title and thought I would keep it for later. Then, when my iPad refused to scroll down, I unblocked by clicking and watching the video on God’s qualities mirrored in enneagram styles. Synchronicity – it developed on the deeply felt intuition I had just experienced. As a “type seven” with a “six wing” it was very eloquent, speaking to my arrow “one” strivings. Ben’s comments about the perfect beauty of creatures is heart-felt and redolent of Francis of Assisi, a “seven” who really knew how to live in the present with brother sun, sister moon … a big thank you to you both!

  3. Anonymous

    the video didnt work – would love to hear it!

  4. Maya

    That’s beautiful to see the divinity in our imperfect efforts to mirror God. It gives me empathy for the type 1s in my life!

  5. Lishui Springford

    A sort of Divine Irony.


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