“The Salties” – Episode 2

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  1. Jen

    Your audio needs upgrading you’re coming across too low!

  2. Richard Conduit

    Audio level is far too low, straining to hear so not focusing on the discussion, mike pinned onto coat collar may help. Camera needs to be a bit closer so that we can see facial and body language.
    Too much side face keeps us in the dark and makes it difficult to pick up on eye contact!
    It was good but the subject deserves more, I appreciate this is not easy without a camera crew, so it is a big ask.

  3. Maria

    Fun and generous idea to be a relationship “role model” and to let us in on your process.
    In my experience, most families have both parents bringing home the bacon, and all struggle with the division of labor and childcare. I think most men are supportive of women having their own businesses or going to work, but men may have a harder time letting go of their personal freedom (free time) when they’re not working. Those unspoken agreements kick in, and the man thinks, “I need a break, some fun, I need to blow off some steam” and the default is the woman cooks meals, does food shopping, picks up kids etc.. I like what you said about being clear from the start, and your honesty about having to re-assess and re-align constantly. One great agreement that sticks in our house is that whoever cooks, the other one cleans up after the meal. I wish more agreements would stick!

  4. Eileen Head

    I love these examples of real people talking about real challenges…and how to solve them.

    I would love to share this on my mailing list and on FB. Do we have permission to do so?

    Keep them coming

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