Nurture, Receieve, Renew

3-Day Event

May 15, 16, 17, 2023
Santa Cruz, California
Watch this video to learn about this 3 Day Transformational Journey!

What will happen when you open your heart and connect more deeply with others?

Deep sharing, deep connection, and authentic relating

We are starved for deeper, authentic connection in our lives. Many of us feel isolated and disconnected from ourselves and from others. This event is your opportunity to develop the skills to quickly build trust and rapport with your fellow humans.


  • You will learn to navigate conflict with more ease a flow.
  • The people in your life that are “scary” or “aggressive” will start to become more open and softer as YOU SHIFT INTERNALLY.
  • Discover your self (and your Enneagram Type) in more depth and release a layer of type that has been holding you back.
  • You embrace more self expression and Joy as you move through this journey of exploration and transformation.

The Research Shows That Love Is Effective!

Studies have found that having solid, grounded relationships calms the nervous system and accelerates spiritual evolution.

People with close, long term friendships tend to live longer, have less heart disease, less diabetes, and lower rates of cancer.

Are you ready to start your relational health plan?

Your 3 Day Transformational Experience


Relational Playground - Circling and skill practice on Tuesday nights in Santa Cruz, CA

Day 1: Self Exploration and "Circling"


You set your intentions for your own transformations with your small group and we play some authentic relating games to build the field and start the surrender.

We will practice relational skills and dive into the first couple rounds of “Circling” a practice where one person gets the attention of the circle and they are mirrored, revealed to themselves, and seen in new ways in a loving accepting container.

Day 2: Integrating Shadow


During day two we do a round of Shadow/Light Integration. We explore our darker aspects, embrace the unembraceable, and integrate that which we have held as “horrid” within ourselves. We do this knowing it brings wholeness, builds compassion, and allows us to find our inner light.

In the evening we have a “Authentic Relating Mash Up” where the people from out of town get to mix, play, and circle with the Santa Cruz locals who are in the Touched and Transformed community.

Day 3: Touching Oneness


In this day we start feeling into expanded states of consciousness and Gestalt Based Experiments for Spontaneous Healing.

You might find on this day that you access the divinity within and surrender into states of deeper connection and oneness. Buckle up! This can be a ride!

Included Bonuses!

Gain instant access to these extras when you register for the event:

Evolvers' Community on a Laptop

Bonus #1: Foundations of Circling


In this four part training Ben and Kerena explore the practice of circling and tech many of the subtler nuances that bring the practice to life!

You learn the four primary skills, the principles it is grounded in that create safety and trust, the ways to totally screw up a circle, and the how to minimize the chances of triggering people ego defenses as the space deepens.

Bonus #2: Soul Support


We will meet in small groups on line twice a month until the event. These sessions are on Zoom and in them we will learn and practice the relational skills and Circling skills.

These are a good opportunity for you to get into connection with the community before you attend the event!

Your Investment

The cost for this event is $1,000, but you can save $400 now! 

The first 20 people to sign up get in for $600 each!

We will update this page when the first 20 spots are taken… right now you have a green light to get in at this discounted price!

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What if I can’t make the entire event? Can I attend some sections but not others?

This event is a group journey, it is a step by step process and builds in intensity over the three days. If you need to take 20 minutes for a phone call or something and step outside we understand. But if you will be missing over an hour on any day we ask that you find another date and attend the event later when you can be present for the full ride!

How do I discover my Enneagram Type?

You can take our online assessment, talk to one of our coaches and do a “Typing Interview” or watch the videos where Ben describes the nine types and notice which makes you the most uncomfortable (if any make you feel like you want to throw up that’s probably your type!)

Was I born with my Enneagram Type or is it something I developed over time?

Basically you were born with your type and then trauma got it stuck in place. We go into this in more depth in our Soul Support community.

How does the pricing work?

We offer a specific number of seats at each level of pricing. When all the seats are taken at that level the price goes up for the next group of seats. We want you to make the investment now so you get to dive into the content and start your journey of transformation immediately!

What is the refund policy if I find out that I can’t make the event?

We ask that you transfer your ticket to the next three day event that we offer. We offer a few events each year. To make the change email and we will help you out.

Do I get access immediately to the bonuses? Soul Support Membership site when I sign up?

Yes! As soon as you get signed up we will email you access codes you can use to start your circling training. You will also get access to the schedule of group video sessions for Soul Support.

What format is my bonus content in?

You can access the videos and other content online. You will get your own ID and password you will use to get access to everything. The 2x/monthly sessions with Ben are video based so you will need a working computer with internet access.

“After doing shadow work with Ben, I brought in over $165,000 in sales at my 3-day event, I asked for (and got!) double the offered advance on my new book and, for the first time ever, I’m actually saving 20% of my income each month. Best of all, I feel more open, relaxed and confident than ever before.”

Samantha Bennett

"Ben Saltzman has established himself internationally through his world renown year long program "Relational Mastery" Ben is a highly sought out individual who truly adds value to others through his extraordinary coaching methods."

Bob Proctor

​"​Change is when we learn a new skill or useful new information; transformation is when we reorganize at a deeper level, a new platform for a whole new approach to lifelong learning and growth. You'll get both with Ben Salzman. The work is immediately practical and ultimately spiritual -- new connections, new capacities, new power and freedom in living.​"​

Gordon Wheeler
President, ​Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California