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In each session, we will practice the authentic relational skills and there will also be an Enneagram “Growth Panel.”

The program will be held on Thursday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.



People Who Have Already Signed Up!

Facilitator: Ben Saltzman
Co-Facilitator: Karena Saltzman
Co-Facilitator: Mark Nicolson
  1. Eric Schneider
  2. John Swift
  3. Tom Callanan
  4. Grace Gamboa
  5. Zoe Garcia
  6. Yasmina Porter
  7. Fabienne Rodet
  8. Dennis Wheeler
  9. Ruselle Rubine
  10. Mark Schneider
  11. Karen Mehringer
  12. Sean Atsatt
  13. Diane Atsatt
  14. Gitanjali Hemp
  15. Jenifer Armstrong
  16. Nicole Wilson
  17. Leslie Benson
  18. Tara McCullough
  19. Becky Kerr
  20. Andi Rossi
Before working with Ben used to talk to people with power and influence I get young tied, especially when talking about what I do. Ben does practical skill development, and something mystical happens through his coaching.

After coaching with Ben I’m more comfortable talking about myself and my ideas.

I’m more comfortable in my skin. I walk into a new space and feel like I belong there with whoever is in the room.

I stand in my truth even if it’s not the popular idea in a group.
I’m proud to describe what I do and the power players and organizations I work with. I can feel others giving me more respect and following my lead.

This has been life changing.

- Steve Gilison, Leader

Bonus #1: Transform Your Type for Relationships – A Virtual Program

This is a virtual training that jumps starts your personal evolution around your Enneagram Type and gets you ready and primed for the live event!

You get to watch a “panel” of four people who all share your Enneagram type as they deep dive into the exploration and revealing of the type so you get emotionally triggered, AND you get to heal as they heal. (It’s a bit of a rush!)

You get to do a round of shadow work so you know what it’s like at the live event and can take it deeper there.

And you get transformational prayer specifically designed for the spiritual liberation of your type.

It’s dialed in for you, and your specific issues based on your Enneagram Type. If you don’t know your type we have a few ways to help you discover it so you get into the right version of the program.

Typically this program, delivered in seven video based modules, once a week for seven weeks, is $497 and you get it for free.

Bonus #2: Personal Group Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

When you register, you may begin attending our small group, breakthrough coaching sessions online. These are live facilitation sessions in an “open seat” format with Ben Saltzman.

Anyone participating can receive coaching around identifying their type, working with their type patterns and their personal development, or questions they have about their own work with clients.

Online sessions also include debriefing where the coach reveals what he is paying attention to during the coaching, why he chose the strategy and questions that he did, and how the Enneagram system was at play in the session.

Regularly $600/month, you have free access beginning with your registration and ending when the group starts. The earlier you register, the more sessions you can attend. So sign up now and get on the next video session!

Personal Group Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

Your Investment:

Your investment to join this 6 month transformational group is 5 payments of $170 (For a total of $850) OR you can save $170 and make one payment now of $680. Click the link below to sign up.

This program will begin when we have 24 people registered.

Enter your name and cell number in the spaces provided so Ben can connect with you, have a conversation with you about the group, and send you the information you need to attend the evening.

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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

We value diversity of Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Ethnicity, and Socio-economic background. We understand that when there is a rich diversity of thought and experience in the room we create relationships that bring our world together.

Because of our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion we have a need based scholarship for people with marginalized identities including: LGBTQIA, Black, Indigenous, Latino, and other People of Color.

We are also committed to providing a safe, brave, loving, and affirming space for people of all identities.

Our scholarship program operates on a trust based system. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer of 50% off our regular pricing, use the coupon code “DIV50” when you make your payment.

“After doing shadow work with Ben, I brought in over $165,000 in sales at my 3-day event, I asked for (and got!) double the offered advance on my new book and, for the first time ever, I’m actually saving 20% of my income each month. Best of all, I feel more open, relaxed and confident than ever before.”

Samantha Bennett

"Ben Saltzman has established himself internationally through his world renown year long program "Relational Mastery" Ben is a highly sought out individual who truly adds value to others through his extraordinary coaching methods."

Bob Proctor

​"​Change is when we learn a new skill or useful new information; transformation is when we reorganize at a deeper level, a new platform for a whole new approach to lifelong learning and growth. You'll get both with Ben Salzman. The work is immediately practical and ultimately spiritual -- new connections, new capacities, new power and freedom in living.​"​

Gordon Wheeler
President, ​Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California