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About The Event

Enneagram Panels are the most powerful and in-depth method to learn about the Enneagram. The Enneagram itself is a transformative tool to help individuals and practitioners develop and become freer from the restrictions and habits of the personality. Our comprehensive panels allow you to see 3-4 people of each type speaking directly about their perspective and experience. Skilled facilitators help to reveal how each type thinks, feels, acts, and encounters the world. In this virtual 3-day program, you will learn to use the Enneagram as a tool for transformation by watching and participating in exploration of the personality types. Live transformational coaching will demonstrate how to work with individuals of each type.

As a coach, consultant, therapist or other type of practitioner, the perspective of your own Enneagram type can also keep you from seeing your clients clearly and impact the power of your work. During the event, you will be able to refine your coaching skills through live practice. As you coach others, you will receive direct feedback helping you to become more skillful at knowing when to push for greater depth and when to allow space for your clients to move at their own pace. As you receive coaching, you will be able to explore your own type patterns, gain insight around the biases you may bring to your work, and find new freedom to create a cleaner relationship with your clients.


Your master facilitator, Ben Saltzman, has been using the Enneagram for over two decades to help catapult Fortune 500 leaders & high-profile spiritual leaders to the next level. He brings practical expertise to ensure the program is full of real-world techniques that you can actually apply.

This deep dive allows you to understand hearts and minds of different kinds of people quickly. Clients feel seen and find value in their first encounter with you, which builds trust and your credibility.

Increasing demand for the Enneagram, and your expertise with it, creates more referrals so you generate more clients without selling and marketing. Over 90% of our clients come through referral.

Format For The Event

Our program participants consistently rave about how transformational these live events are for them. That's because the event structure is specifically designed to help them dig deep, discover empowering insights, and then apply those insights to transform their lives.

When you attend the 3-day online "Transformational Coaching With The Enneagram" panels event, here's what you can expect:


During each panel, you'll witness real-time transformation as each of the participants on the nine panels go deep into what motivates them (both good & bad). See how Ben helps them bring out the best in themselves as they let go of the stories that no longer serve them.

Ask questions directly from the panelists. This will help you truly understand the inner-workings of each Enneagram type. That way, whether you're coaching a client or connecting with a friend, family member, or co-worker, you'll be able to navigate the best way to communicate with that person.
Work directly with a partner on self-exploration and transformation around your own type. These transformational practices are the 'special sauce' that helps you see your own strengths and limitations in new ways... and shift them into empowering positive changes in your life.

The opportunity to practice these transformational coaching skills immediately. That way, after the event you can start using them with your clients.

And you get to do all of this from the comfort and safety of your own home. All sessions will take place via Zoom. After the event, you will have access to the recordings so that you can review them and continue to improve your coaching skills.
“Insights from the Enneagram have been especially helpful in coaching my Type 8 (The Protector) executive clients to see how their confrontational communication style overwhelms co-workers and dominates meetings. We work on modifying their approach, involving others in the decision making process, and building consensus.”
– Stuart Meyer, Leadership Coach, Workpath Group”
“It’s been a week and a half since the Enneagram Intensive, and I can’t tell you how useful the information has already been to my coaching practice and in my life. Last Friday I asked a Performer a question about image, and it blew him away! “How do you know that about me?!?” was his response. I now have quick insight about the approach to connect with someone and create immediate value and rapport. I’m also much more aware of how my own biases are playing into these conversations. It’s great.” – Linda Curtis, The On-Purpose Coach
“As soon as I embraced this system as a key method of intervening, speedy, long-term results were achieved! With the insights available through this system, my clients see exactly what is happening and can immediately change their patterns of acting and reacting! It allows people to get “to the guts” of even the most entrenched, and previously unsolvable, issues and address them at last. It reaches the heart and soul of people!” – Hilary Langford, Coach and Organizational Consultant
Now that I have the system in my toolbox, I can quickly get to the “basic patterns and core levels” of needs and strategies. I can help couples and individuals develop new strategies that are more effective in getting what they want, and in keeping the relationship healthy. This system is also helpful in the empathy process. I can more deeply connect with the core needs of my clients.” – Jean Morrison, Communications Coach
  The Video Below Is From The Event 

In it you see a demo of a Type Two Panel, and Donna lays out the inner dynamics for Type  Fours.

Bonus #1: Transformational Coaching With The Enneagram (Online Course)

When you register for the 3-day Enneagram Panels, we will also provide you with access to the nine-module online training using Enneagram Panels. Each module includes a video of master facilitators coaching panelists who are willing to go deep in their work. You will see hearts break open and sacred tears of transformation shed. In these online modules, you will get a visceral, felt sense of the types: worst fears, emotional passion, hidden limiting beliefs, emotional reactivity, path of spiritual evolution, blind spots, and the defense mechanism that keeps the ego in place.

The online module videos are taken directly from a live program where we trained coaches. They include in-depth Q&A with the participants as well as debriefs of the growth panels.

In the included workbook, you will find the key conversations and distinctions you can offer each type, as well as the best emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual practices by type. You get instant access to the workbook and the first panel when you sign up.
Regularly $1,997, you receive the 9-module online training course as a free bonus with registration.

Bonus #2: Small "Soul Support" Coaching Sessions (2x/week)

When you register, you may begin attending our small group, "Soul Support" coaching sessions online twice a week.

These are live facilitation sessions in an “open seat” format with Ben Saltzman. Anyone participating can receive coaching around identifying their type, working with their type patterns and their personal development, or questions they have about their own work with clients.

Online sessions also include debriefing where the coach reveals what he is paying attention to during the coaching, why he chose the strategy and questions that he did, and how the Enneagram system was at play in the session. You have free access beginning with your registration and ending on June 30. The earlier you register, the more sessions you can attend.

How is this different from other Enneagram programs?


Growth panels are a unique format rarely used by other programs that teach the Enneagram as a tool for transformation. After 20 years of learning and teaching, we have found that growth panels are by far the best method to understand the types as well as how growth and transformation unfold with the Enneagram. You will learn the pacing and watch as we take clients to through the fears and blind spots of their specific types. Enneagram-based coaching is an art which requires refined skills—and those skills are best learned in this experiential format.

In many courses you are learning skills, but you are not working your own emotional and spiritual evolution. We help bring you to your growth edge in this program, so you release a layer of type and see your clients with more clarity. We hold the intention that you are diving into your own inner work in this training, and we will hold you accountable to pursue your own development in how you show up, self-reveal, and make yourself available for coaching. We support you in adjusting, body and soul, to the growth field that we create so that you can absorb the transformation for lasting impact
Our facilitators are highly successful practicing coaches who apply transformational Enneagram coaching daily with their clients, including Fortune 500 CEO’s, C-suite executives, and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs. Our expertise comes from coaching high-profile leaders where you have to be impressive and generate results quickly or you lose the client. We have prepared our clients to create successful meetings and relationships with world leaders including Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, and Bill Gates.

Our community of participants tends to be experienced and successful coaches or therapists who are actively engaged in their own spiritual evolution and are emotionally fluent. Participants are often adept practitioners looking to refine their skills or develop a new tool to better facilitate the growth of their clients. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice the Enneagram with a talented community of peers.

Here's A Wrapup Of Everything You Get

Full 3-Day "Transformational Coaching With The Enneagram Virtual Event


Bonus #1: Comprehensive 9-Module "Transformational Coaching" Online Program


Bonus #2: 3-Months of Twice-Weekly "Soul Support" Group Coaching


Bonus #3: Recordings of the entire event for later review.


Total Package Value = $5,288

Your Investment: $5,288 $497
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April 1-3, 2020
Full Day (PST)
Location: Online

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