Our Relational Mastery Year Long Program

How do you handle anger, conflict, and connection?

If I’m honest, I don’t handle conflict well. I either pull away and avoid it and it creates distance in my relationships, or I amp it up and get angry in conflict and try to overwhelm or out arue the other person and they pull away.

I’d like to find ways to move through anger and conflict with more ease and grace. I’d like to be able to hold my truth and my ground AND value the other person we both feel heard and understood and come closer together through the process!

Do you know what it’s like to be held in conscious community?

Most of us have never been in a community where we feel we can really be ourselves, find our voice, and “let it all hang out.” In the TNT community people are actively practicing acceptance and opening their hearts to create palpable loving presence.

Can you imagine what can heal and transform for you inside that container?

If you know your Enneagram personality type you probably have seen it in create distance between you and others… you’ve seen it bring up fear and anxiety, or emotionally shut you down, or have you act out of a false image, or it might have made you judge others and push them away.

What if the hidden fears underneath your type were revealed and healed? What if you went through a deep inner process, over time, that allowed you release a layer of your Enneagram Type (and the emotional reactivity) so your relationships were profoundly impacted?


Welcome To Relational Mastery…

An immersive, heart-opening, rollercoaster of a ride

of self exploration and transformation

We teach you cutting edge skills and provide you with spaces to practice: more authentic expression, more real conversations, and keeping your ground in the face of intense feelings coming at you like: anger, frustration, or even Joy, Appreciation and Love (These might even be harder for you to receive than the first few!)

You will go through with a “cohort” or “pod” that will be learning “Relational Skills” and diving into the self exploration of their Enneagram Type together. You will get to know them very well.

They will help you in your self exploration, act as a mirror for you and give you direct clean feedback on how you are presenting yourself and how it’s impacting them (most of us have NEVER received clean feedback from other humans in this way before and it can be confronting and disturbing… but it will be truthful­­­. Are you ready for the truth?)

You will bring the “stuff” of your life to your cohort and pod, the pain and challenges and the successes and triumphs. They will support you when things get tough and you see your daemons with more clarity and confront them.


So how is this program delivered?

Video Learning:

Twice a month you will receive videos teaching you the critical relational skills and principles and walking you through the process of practicing the skills on your own.

Meeting with Your Relational Mastery Cohort:

You will have a small group of eight to twenty people that is your cohort and you will go through this transformational program with them. You will have three opportunities to meet with your cohort each month. You are required to attend at least one of these three zoom sessions.

Twice a month you can join the Soul Support zoom sessions with your cohort and a few others who are in other TNT programs. These happen one Monday a month from 6-7:30 PM Pacific time and one Wednesday a month from 10-11:30 AM Pacific time.

Once a month you can meet with your cohort and the advanced students who are in year 2. These advanced sessions will be held one Thursday a month from 2 PM – 4 PM Pacific time.

Ben Saltzman will be your facilitator for all of these sessions.

Meeting With Your Pod:

You will also be in a pod of about 6 people. This is where you get to practice the skills in a more intimate setting. You will meet with your pod twice a month and these meetings are required.

Live Gatherings:

We offer two virtual gatherings and two in person gatherings each year.

The virtual gatherings are required and the first is on April 23 and 24 of 2022. These are full day programs that include relational skills practice and full group “Shadow Light Integration” that includes deep level integration of your shadow parts.

The second virtual event is TBD in the fall of 2022.

The first in person event will be held in Santa Cruz on June 10, 11, 12 of 2022. The venue is the 418 project in downtown Santa Cruz and they have a high power, industrial strength HVAC system that cleans the air constantly to improve health and reduce Covid concerns.

The second in person event dates are TBD in 2022.



Your Investment:

If you sign up for the “Relational Mastery Program,” your investment is typically $3,500.

We are offering it now for 12 payments of $197 or you can save some and pay $2,000 now.

After you register and pay you will fill out an intake form that will help Ben to better understand your needs, your background, your spiritual orientation, and your path of development.

We have a limited number of seats in each cohort.

Please click the button and sign up now.

“I am so pumped for this next year of working with you and going further with ‘the work’.
My life has changed (to the extraordinarily positive) so much this year already from what it had been these last several years.

While I will own that it is because of what I have done, I could NOT have done it without the work that I have done with you, the group, and Touched and Transformed.

I feel that it is as big as a miracle. Thank you so much. And thank you for inviting me into this next year of transformation.

I am ready to work, and can’t wait to meet with my new pod. Bless you.”

Justin Thompson

Artist, Editor, Writer, Inker, Colorist, and Approvals Coordinator, for Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates (aka Snoopy)

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

We value diversity of Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Ethnicity, and Socio-economic background. We understand that when there is a rich diversity of thought and experience in the room we create relationships that bring our world together.

Because of our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion we have a need based scholarship for people with marginalized identities including: LGBTQIA, Black, Indigenous, Latino, and other People of Color.

We are also committed to providing a safe, brave, loving, and affirming space for people of all identities.

Our scholarship program operates on a trust based system. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer of 50% off our regular pricing, use the coupon code “DIV50” when you make your payment.

“After doing shadow work with Ben, I brought in over $165,000 in sales at my 3-day event, I asked for (and got!) double the offered advance on my new book and, for the first time ever, I’m actually saving 20% of my income each month. Best of all, I feel more open, relaxed and confident than ever before.”

Samantha Bennett

"Ben Saltzman has established himself internationally through his world renown year long program "Relational Mastery" Ben is a highly sought out individual who truly adds value to others through his extraordinary coaching methods."

Bob Proctor

​"​Change is when we learn a new skill or useful new information; transformation is when we reorganize at a deeper level, a new platform for a whole new approach to lifelong learning and growth. You'll get both with Ben Salzman. The work is immediately practical and ultimately spiritual -- new connections, new capacities, new power and freedom in living.​"​

Gordon Wheeler
President, ​Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California