"Evolvers" - Founding Members Special
When you join and become an “Evolver” you will travel a three phase journey of spiritual evolution and freedom. Ben will often embrace his alter ego inside the training and become Morpheus, your Teacher, Mystic, and Guide along your journey of waking up!
Evolvers Phase One: Discovery
Discover the Matrix you have been living inside of (your Enneagram Type) that tweaks your reality!
Evolvers Phase Two: Breaking Free
In this phase, Morpheus will guide you through cutting-edge techniques that support the dismantling of your personal matrix.
Evolvers Phase Three: Reality Bending
Now that you are free you can: Learn to use the superpower of your type to influence others, align your actions and thoughts with Spiritual Laws to increase your impact, and experience more Connection, Love, and Vibrancy.
We are currently re-designing the program and will re-open when it's ready.