Congrats On Joining "Matrix"
Welcome To Your Matrix!
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STEP 1: Join Our Facebook Group

A great way to deepen your self-understanding is to be part of a community.

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STEP 2: Check Your Email

You'll get an email from me that says:

(( Read This )) ...Welcome to your Matrix!

The "From name" is me, Ben Saltzman.

And the "From Address" is"

You're going to want to "whitelist" that email address so it doesn't go to spam or the promotions folder.

STEP 3: Enjoy Your Addons
If you purchased the addon with all nine Enneagram types, then all nine of your programs will be added to your Program Library.

If you decided to join us for "Soul Support," then you'll receive emails the day before, and the day of, reminding you of your session and including your Zoom link. You can also log into your Program Library at any time and get the upcoming schedule and review recordings of our recent sessions.