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"Revealing Type And Enrollment Conversations"

In this training I teach my coaches (and you) the basics and advanced skills of conducting typing interviews and enrollment conversations. You know if I’m teaching my staff the training will be complete and in depth. People pay good money for these typing interview sessions and my staff represents me and Touched and Transformed so I make sure they know their stuff!

You will learn:

  • The horrible things that can happen if you type people incorrectly!
  • How to dig in deeper to reveal their hidden motivations
  • How to stimulate the type energy so you feel it strongly 
  • How to evaluate yourself so you get better each time you do a typing interview
  • The common mistakes coaches make when they start doing typing interviews and how to avoid them.
  • How to match pace and body language to get inside the clients world.
  • How to design Self Observation practices so they discover themselves in a deeper way after the session. 
  • Protocols and a six step process for the interview
  • How to weave the enrollment conversation into the Typing Interview
  • How does your own type bias show up in the typing interview and throw off the results?
  • How to develop questions and a line of depth inquiry to discern between two types that look very similar so you can type the most difficult people.

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There are a series of four video sessions where we dig into the process, teach the fundamentals, and some advanced tips and tricks I’ve learned over the 20 years I’ve been conducting these kinds of interviews. 

I also recorded a demo Typing Interview so you can see the process unfold and learn all the strategies to reveal type even when it’s difficult and most people can’t figure the person out.

Between sessions the three coaches who are participating in the training go conduct typing interviews with people and then return to share what worked and the places where they fall flat. We debrief the process, teach them new skills and new approaches, and they go back out for another round. 

You can follow along with them so you get hands on practice and your skills improve with them. 

Picture here of the coaches having fun!

This program is typically $497, we are offering it for today only for $97 from 12 AM - 12 PM.
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What you get 
Instant access to "Revealing Peoples' Types And Enrollment Conversations" video training.
Video recording of  Ben doing a live typing interview.
Access to the "Deep Dive Transformations" recordings of all 9 Enneagram Types from our April live "Pandemic Panels" event.
Only $97 for everything!


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Learn how to align with your client, help them explore what they want and desire... and let them know what you offer in a compelling way (without using fear or manipulation), so you both feel good about the selling conversation. 

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