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When you sign up for the “Upgrade” you will receive:

  1. A one-on-one session with one of our coaches. If you don’t know your type, your coach will help you discover your Enneagram type and how it’s limiting you and causing distance in your relationships.  If you already know your type, you get a coaching session where you get to explore your type in more depth. You will also develop a growth plan for your development. This is typically $250.

  1. Recordings of the Enneagram Deep Dive "Pandemic Panels" Live Event. These very touching sessions are structured as an interview with four people who all share one type, (for example four type sixes). They open their hearts and reveal their inner world to you in real-time. We recorded these when the Pandemic first hit, so you get to see how each type gets stressed out! There are nine sessions total (one for each type), and they are each more than an hour and thirty minutes. People paid $497 to watch this extraordinary set of Deep Dive transformation sessions.

  1. Recordings of the evening video sessions from the five day challenge where we teach the relational skills and practice them as a community.

You get all three for just $97. We typically have over 1000 people sign up for these 5 day challenges. Due to the limited number of coaching slots we have available, we will only take the first 70 people who choose the upgrade. 

If you want to be one of those seventy, click the "Yes, Please Upgrade Me" button to get your upgrade and schedule a time to meet with your coach!

Yes, Please Upgrade Me