The Salties Episode Two

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  1. OMG – These are wonderful.. My last relationship started with these intentions, but we were unable to see it through. THANK YOU !!!! and all the people you are influencing

  2. Wow. I love this conversation and looking so forward to the next one. The topics that both of you’ve touched on in this episode is so real and dire to address that most of us get so caught up with the mist of life and we forget those planning and commitment is what makes our life much more enriched.

    The women and men roles at home and work “balance” is so crucial that most us assume things will just fall into place, but it’s not until we plan it out and agree with it.

    The part that’s profound to me in this episode is that Karina (Sorry if I spell your name wrong) said was it’s not always that we walk away happy with the agreement. If we can walk away with 50% it’s good enough. And learning how to accept that part 50% of the agreement is the oil that keeps a relationship going. Because sometimes, we need to realize that a marriage takes multiple parts to make up a good one. And we can’t let this one thing to be a deal breaker. A great marriage has many good parts so wheater, we go through major challenges like trust, infidelity or bad habit, etc. we need to take the many good parts and not let this one bad part to make the whole pie fall apart.

    Great talk guys, learn a ton from this one. Thank you for sharing and looking so forward to see the next one.

  3. Nancy Suter says:

    The hardest thing for me, and possibly for mny women, is allowing myself to be empowered. By that I mean giving up control of how something gets done when a clear agreement has been made that places the responsibility with the man

    My husband and I agree that I cook dinner and he washes the dishes and cleans up the kitchen afterwards. Even tho I now really enjoy sitting down to dinner knowing that “I am done!”, it wasn’t alwys that way. He didn’t do cleanup the way I did, and I felt guilty that he had to clean up a mess I made! There was a time when I had to literally sit on my hands and not watch. Ultimately, I had to leave the room.

    Today I totally accept that I am empowered to leave the dinner table and begin enjoying my evening. The mess in the kitchen only reflects how much fun I had preparing the meal. I love the magic of a clean kitchen no matter how it gets done. In fact, I rarely wash dishes at all now. I empower my kitchen fairy to wash all the dishes as needed throughout the day.

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