The Salties Episode Four

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  1. I cannot even say how much I enjoy your short videos! There’s something about learning about issues we all face in one way or another, not just in theory, but through your real life examples, that is truly remarkable. During every single episode I’ve had at least one major AHA moment. Please keep them coming, and please keep talking about your relationship; it is wonderfully transformative!

  2. maggie fraser says:

    Great talks! Just feel like I need to bring up that as a relational psychotherapist I experience that connection and transformation very often in my work. I learned It from my own psychotherapist in relationship with her. Therapy can fit right in with what you are talking about.

  3. Chiméne Lee says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I appreciate your openness with each other and the authenticity of what you share.

    I agree that past traumas CAN be transformed and healed thru “corrective experiences” in current relationships, be it with our own partner, or with dear friends. I say that both as a therapist, professionally, and as a family member, personally.

    However, it’s also the sad case that some people’s past childhood trauma is so great that the ONLY way they feel “safe enough” is to pull back completely from certain relationships and cut-off all contact with the ones who “trigger” the original wounds. It’s not our place to judge such actions, particularly if we have not experienced the same level of trauma they have, but I do think it’s important to name.

    It’s a complicated process in some families and I speak from experience. I think it sounds lovely to have open-hearted presence and healing in all relationships, but for some people past trauma sadly continues to be the narrative for one’s present story.

    May all beings find peace in their hearts. Thanks , again, for your sharing. 🙏💕

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