Relational Mastery Year Long Intensive

Have you noticed how we are more disconnected now than we were just five years ago?

How technology has not brought us together as a “global village” but actually keeps us from satisfying face-to-face human connection?

Is it clear to you that the volatile political scene is driving us apart, encouraging us to fear other groups rather than uniting us behind common causes?


Are you done with all that?

Do you have the feeling that there could be more vibrancy, more aliveness, and more depth of connection in your relationships?

If you are a leader… have you ever wondered why some leaders get respect easily, impact others with apparent ease, and can “move a room” into action?

If you sell your goods or services… do you want to know how the top sales people develop rapport so easily with prospective clients and become “rainmakers” bringing in big contracts and big income?

Do you believe that creating more trust with others will lead to more authentic expression, more intimacy with loved ones, more success in the business arena?

Hello, my name is Ben Saltzman and if you said “yes” to any of the questions above I have a transformational training that you might want to take.  

In this training you will learn cutting edge relational skills that will allow you to navigate interactions with the people you care about with more ease. You will also go into and through a personal, spiritual, emotional evolution that shift how you “be” in your relationships so you are less emotionally reactive, allowing you to keep your ground and creativity even when relationships get tense and anger and arguments happen.

Your heart will open as you cultivate acceptance for others in your cohort and feel accepted by them as you reveal with more depth and authenticity.

Program Outcomes:

  • Increase your impact on others as you align your internal truth with your external expression so others feel your congruence and give weight to your ideas.
  • Learn “Depth Inquiry” a skill that will allow you to lead your friends and clients into the revealing of the hidden aspects of their Enneagram type that are causing havoc in their lives.
  • Learn how to own your skills and strengths so you can stand firmly in your value. (If you are in business this allows you to charge what you are worth, and have people gladly pay you.)

This deep dive, transformational program happens over the course of a year.


So how is this program delivered?

Video Learning:

Twice a month you will receive videos teaching you the critical skills and walking you through the process of practicing the skills on your own.

Meeting with Your Small Group:

Twice a month you will meet virtually with your small group. Your meetings will include learning, sharing yourself and your journey with the group, and practicing the skills with each other to cultivate Relational Mastery.

Live Gatherings:

Over the year we will gather three times in person for our live events. A three day event at the beginning and a two day event at the end with just your cohort, and in the middle a five day with other coaches with all nine panels of all the Enneagram Types.

Option for Coaches:

If you are a coach you will apply the relational skills with your clients to build trust and rapport quickly and welcome them into the deeper level work. You will learn “depth inquiry” helping your clients explore their type in live time leading to personal insights more “Aha moments” and changes in behavior.

As a coach you also have the option of learning our ten step Shadow Light Integration process at no additional cost. You will learn how to identify shadow parts your clients have judged in themselves and “disowned” and support them in reintegrating these outcast parts.

Then you will help them embody and integrate a specific aspect of the divine that will accelerate their transformation. This is a video based training with a live group with some touching, archetypal live work that demonstrates the process… this one will open your heart.


Your Investment:

There are two investment options for this program.

  1. If you sign up for the regular “Relational Mastery Program” you will have one of our top coaches as your small group facilitator for your virtual group meetings, and Ben Saltzman will be your facilitator at the live gatherings. Your investment will be $8,000 for the program.
  2. If you sign up for the ‘Overachievers” version of the program Ben Saltzman will be your small group facilitator, and your facilitator at the live gatherings. Your investment will be $15,000 for this program.

There is an application process to register for this year long program as it is not a fit for everyone. To apply you will make a $1,000 fully refundable deposit, fill out an application, and have a conversation with one of our coaches to ask questions, tell us some about you and what you want out of the program, and see if the program is a fit for you.

To register please click the appropriate link below, make the $1,000 deposit, fill out an application, and pick a time for a call with one of our coaches.

Relational Mastery Program

Make a $1,000 deposit, out of a $8,000 program. Payment plans are available.

Relational Mastery Overachievers Program

Make a $1,000 deposit, out of a $15,000 program. Payment plans are available.

P.S. This program is designed to create a more connected, more loving, more accepting world. If you are not interested in this outcome you will be frustrated by this course. Please don’t sign up!

P.P.S. If you are ready to open your heart, spiritually evolve, be part of a movement fostering connection and deepening trust on a global scale, please sign up and join us for this ride of a lifetime!

“After doing shadow work with Ben, I brought in over $165,000 in sales at my 3-day event, I asked for (and got!) double the offered advance on my new book and, for the first time ever, I’m actually saving 20% of my income each month. Best of all, I feel more open, relaxed and confident than ever before.”

Samantha Bennett

"Ben Saltzman has established himself internationally through his world renown year long program "Relational Mastery" Ben is a highly sought out individual who truly adds value to others through his extraordinary coaching methods."

Bob Proctor

​"​Change is when we learn a new skill or useful new information; transformation is when we reorganize at a deeper level, a new platform for a whole new approach to lifelong learning and growth. You'll get both with Ben Salzman. The work is immediately practical and ultimately spiritual -- new connections, new capacities, new power and freedom in living.​"​

Gordon Wheeler
President, ​Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California