We Have Cancer… Part 2


  1. marsha novak says:

    Thoughts and prayers that the surgery is successful with no further treatment needed.

  2. My wife went through this 10 years ago and has lived to see our four grandchildren. She has been well and cancer free. Her diagnosis also came up overnight and was unexpected. Best wishes for you both for a successful outcome and a long long life together. I know this is frightening, but I know how positive you are and that will go a long way. You and your wife are in our thoughts!

  3. Jinx Deruisa says:

    Ben…Karina is whole and as you both claim her healing it is done…I know soooo many long term survivors of breast cancer that it isn’t a stretch for me to hold the same claim for you…
    BTW singing as you have witnessed has been an essential part of my recovery / healing along with the support and love of many whom I count you among…I say a resounding yes in my heart for her comfort and healing….YESSSSS,

  4. I’m holding your same intension Ben. As I mentioned before I’ve been through my husbands cancer surgery. We both came out the other side transformed for the better. Holding you both in loving light.

  5. Melissa Sweet says:

    Dear Ben. You are both being held in the arms of the Divine. Much love.

  6. Me and my kitten are singing your song with you!! She’s better with the harmony part, I’m better with the timing…
    Love is all around you, so breathe it in, and fill up…

  7. Micheline says:

    Sending you both, love and light. ❤️

  8. Ben, love and blessings for complete healing in all ways for you and Karina. Thank you for this sharing from your heart.

  9. I send my love and energy – healing, healed, whole perfect and complete you are, and blessed be.

  10. Hi Ben
    Good, positive energy headed your way. I pray further treatments are not necessary and she has a speedy recovery!
    Take care,

  11. Sounds like the best conditions anyone can hope in this difficult time – prayers to you both!

  12. Susan Bensen says:

    Sending you both lots of love and healing! I hope the surgery goes well and insures a cancer-free path ahead full of love and connection!

  13. Julianne Rice says:

    Holding you and your family in the Light. By practicing unconditional Love (to the best of my ability) and gentleness I will be a stand for you today. Much love

  14. Cheryl Snyder says:

    Peace and Blessings to you and Karena, Ben. How awesome she has a singing surgeon — doesn’t get much better than that, does it. Continued prayers for the Highest Good for Karena, for ease and grace in healing, and for you as you so steadfastly stand by her side, You are indeed a blessing to her. Love and Peace, Cheryl

  15. Sending much love and prayers to your wife and you, Ben! Healing energy is coming from the Divine!

  16. Ben

    We know that Spirit is right here with you and I. Gather up that strength to realize a perfect healing for Kerena.

    The miracle, The rejunivation is on the other side

    Our prayers are with you

    Rick n Melysa

  17. Hey Ben, give Corrina our love. I will keep you both in my prayers, as I’m sure many others will, also. You are both in good hands, and that should give some comfort at this time. One step, and one day at a time. I know you will both get through this stronger than ever. God Bless you both.

  18. I’m sending prayers and the essence of Rescue Remedy for you and your family. Much love…

  19. Bob Jarvis says:

    Ben – Thank you again for sharing. Whatever you choose to call Him (or Her) is with you both. (I won’t bother singing – that might scare away the spirits.) But I will continue to send prayers to you both.

  20. Praying for your wife!! God creates miracles everyday. I know your wife will receive one of health and happiness. Many blessings to you and your family.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing Ben, your videos moved me immensly. I am praying for you, your wife and family.

    I also learned something through watching wich I am currently struggling with – even if you have a great life bad things happen but with good friends and a supporting community the bad things can never be as bad as when you are alone – so it is positive to let people into my life, I can open up and I will not be punished for having a good life, life just happens, good and bad.
    Sorry if this is confusing – thanks again for sharing and I whish you all the best.

  22. Karin Robbins says:

    Love you Ben. Holding for sure, and sending lots of love and healing. Thanks for being such a stand for women in power, and for celebrating us. Means so much to me in choosing you, a male teacher, that you hold this for us so strongly. While we get to hold you and Kerena right now, in healing and no more cancer and all the rest. SOOOO good that she got to be sung to by her surgical team. Love that!

  23. I am a 3x breast cancer survivor with 16 surgeries to my credit and am doing great so my thoughts are with you and Karena.

  24. May angels surround you, your wife, and the surgical team. I’m sure that they are all singing in harmony, as well! Many blessings!

  25. Rebecca Traver says:

    Gently holding loving intentions…Peace & Well-Being Your Ways!

  26. Deep breaths over here and I’m seeing you all well. All is well…

  27. Dear Ben,
    I am so moved by your sharing and my heart goes out to you!

    That happens to be one of my favorite songs to play on guitar and I would be honored to lead a singalong sometime…

    Sending prayers for continued healing, love and connection

  28. Mario Vega says:

    God Bless your wife and she will recover complete after surgery.

  29. My thoughts and many prayers are with you and your family during this time.

    Bodies fail, minds fail but the spirit grows ever stronger and you are showing us evidence of that even now. Amazing!

  30. Sending posutivity your way!

  31. Lane Ostrow says:

    Thoughts and prayers Ben – been through this with my mom and sister and both are doing great years later…praying for the same result for you guys, take care, Lane

  32. Crying and breathing (that soul-opening breathing) here as I absorb your lesson of “WE have cancer” and “living with cancer.” As if it is part of your journey, your path… as maybe it will be part of my path one day. Not something to desperately try to avoid… as if we could. But something to acknowledge and keep walking. The gift for me is that the way you’ve shared your path has reduced the taint of deathly-type fear I had.

    For you to describe cancer as something we have, as if pregnant, for the way you’ve handled it to be a healthier way of eating, a drawing together of your community, a slowing down of your lives… this describes a way of *life* that is different, but not scary, to me. I understand that there are a lot of other, I imagine scary, and not pleasant parts. And… thank you for sharing these. You’ve reduced fear in my head-heart I wasn’t really aware of.

    I wish you only growth, love, and appreciation… whatever forms they show up in. I wish for you to be able to appreciate whatever lessons and situations are here as gracefully as possible. I wish you deep, lasting love.

    Ben, thank you for sharing. Karina, thank you for your (I imagine) being willing for Ben to share. So. Much. Love. to you, my sister.

  33. Blessings to you and yours Ben. One breath at a time

  34. Holding you in the vision that healing is quick and the cancer will not come back. Light surrounds you and your wife.

  35. Wishing the best for you both. Lovely that you have an enlightened doctor.

  36. Michelle Creveling says:


    Junie said it… One breath at a time. Lots of Love and Light; holding you in my prayers.


  37. Brooke Justice says:

    Hi Ben. I’m knowing that all is well with you and your family as you go through this process. Blessings to you all of the most high. Holding you in the light today and always. Sending you super love.

  38. Ross Levoy says:

    Ben & Kerena,
    I’ve never been much of a pray-er but I’ll try and hope the prayer reaches, touches and transforms you both.
    And just to play it safe, I’ll also send you love.
    Maybe they’re the same.

  39. May Karina not worry about a thing, you too, today and hereafter. May she be blessed with a refuah shlemah bikarov – a complete healing very soon. May the good lessons you’ve both learned from this experience help you to live brighter and better and overcome all future challenges with greater ease.

  40. Paula Ray says:

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you for sharing your remarkable experience. You and your wife and her doctors will be in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.

  41. Sending you and Kerena ooddles of love and light and song. And big hugs to top it all off.

  42. ah so surgery to stop it coming back yup get it lotza big luv n hugz tc xxxxoooo in thoughts n prayers ;)to both n family peace light rainbows angelz clouds…..

  43. lots of health and peace to you both- best wises from Jerusalem
    it is normal to feel the full range of emotions. fear as well as hope.
    love to Kerena. she looks so strongfrom within

  44. Hi Ben ~ My heart opened extremely wide as I heard you speak of the circumstance you and Kerena are experiencing. At the hour that I’m writing this, the surgery is done and you are undoubtedly holding her in love and comfort and healing. I hope you are also singing, “Baby don’t worry” because, in truth, God’s got this. The outcome is already spiritually known and the journey for you and Kerena is to demonstrate your faith, not your worry; to manifest even further your spirits and your truths; and to continue to understand the depths of your Blessings so that you may share them with others, uplifting them as you are also uplifted.

    Be enveloped in big love!

  45. All the strength, power and love for you all through this time of change… Healing energy is being sent from so many spheres. Xxx

  46. Melanie Beck says:

    Thank you for showing us that the Spirit can make anything beautiful ♡ Cancer is probably my biggest fear so it is very helpful to see that there can be rich blessings even in the midst of what we fear most. Love and healing to your very special family ♡♡♡ Thank you for including me in your journey. ?

  47. Beautiful. Hope you’re both resting well tonight….

  48. There is healing for all of us when we share our load…
    may your load be lighter knowing we share it with you…
    Sincere blessings

  49. Sandy Lawton says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I just had my 2 year follow up after cancer was discovered in my left kidney. My kidney was removed surgically and I am currently 100% cancer free! My friends and community also surrounded me with love. Love works wonders! May Light and Love surround you all! ? Sandy

  50. My heart is full of love and kindness for both of you. You are blessed to have each other at this difficult time. The waters ahead may not be smooth but you will navigate them together with your already strong ground of awareness, connectedness and love ♡♡♡

  51. April Welsh says:

    Wow Ben, you continue to be one of the most amazing & generous people I have ever known – to be willing to share so openly & intimately – to invite us all on this powerful – transformational journey- Thank You!!!
    I see Karina – surrounded in light – healed – whole – perfect in every way.
    Gathering your whole family into my heart.
    So grateful. Loving you all with Grace & Ease. April

    • Ben Saltzman says:

      Thanks April! It’s been a journey you’ve seen us through many years… I’m glad you’re in the community.

  52. Encircling her in a beautiful lilac bubble of healing and nurturing. She is well, healthy and radiant ??✨?? blessings to you both.

  53. gil flores says:

    Ben, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your bride. Keep strong. May His healing grace surround you.

  54. Thinking of both of you, Ben. Sending you my love and smooth healing energy for everybody who’s involved into the operation.

  55. Darn Deterra says:

    Did she have a root canal in the last year? My best wishes to you and your family.

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