My Wife Has Cancer… And We Are Leaning In


  1. Thank you for allowing us a peek into your journey. Keep the videos coming and many prayers to you and your family. There are so many blessings that come with adversities. As a 7, it such an interesting journey to stay present and drop into the now and not fly out. Hugs to you Ben. Junie Moon

  2. Maria Pryce Echeverry says:

    Dear Ben :
    Holding prayer that Love and light continue surrender you and your wife.
    Maria & Dean

  3. Melanie Beck says:

    Thank you for sharing this Ben. I will be praying for your family. Beautiful to see that you’re already surrounded in love and light.

  4. Wishing you so much love and miracles in this journey. I’m so glad you have such amazing support.

  5. Thanks for sharing your truth Ben and being real.

    Holding you all in Divine love and grace and wishing the highest and best outcome.

    Love and Namaste

  6. Very touching, Ben… Thank you for sharing, and let me know if I can help support in any way…

    Healing wishes your way….

    • Вам следует срочно заняться лечением своего эмоционального тела ( 13 чакр ) и, конечно, лечением эмоционального тела вашей жены ( после операции )…. + светотерапия ( биоптрон ) + лечение звуком ( поющие чаши )….Всё будет хорошо

  7. A lot of love is coming your way, from my direction!! I look forward to the next time I can shmoosh the two of you in it, face to face!

  8. Dear Ben I am
    Sending prayers to your family
    from germany

  9. Thank you for sharing such a touching personal story, for us all to learn from… Amazing how life throws a”supposed challenge ” in the mix to test our ability to surrender and remain in agreement with our souls journeys …
    Sending you and your family pure love and light to facilitate your healing journey…
    Remain blessed

  10. Bless you Ben, and bless your wife. Sending love and prayers and song.

  11. Bernie Ryder says:

    Hey Ben
    If you feel this is for you -( love that you can speak of the positives).
    Check out the truth about cancer by connecting with Don Tolman and having a conversation
    Blessings Bernie

  12. Ben, thank you for sharing. Blessings to you all on your journey. Holding you in radiant light and goodness. Jeffifer

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us then. My husband and I went on this journey three years ago so I know firsthand how you all may be feeling. It is an opportunity for tremendous breakthroughs. The love and the healing power that our family and friends shared with me a tremendous difference in his recovery. I am definitely holding you and her and your family in light and love and victory.

    In the Spirit,

  14. Holding you and your wife in prayer and light Ben.

  15. We wish you and your family all the very best. It is so sad to hear when anyone has things that don’t quite go to plan especially when they have done so much for everyone that can. So both my wife and I wish you well with all the warmth we can muster. Because you helped us more than you know.

  16. Ben,

    I feel you, and you have great energy about this event in your combined lives. Thank you for sharing this and opening up to the trust that your story and needs will be tended to by your tribe. Opening up might seem hard, but it’s great!

    Love you man! 🙂

  17. Thank you so much for continuing to reveal your heart and soul, Ben. I love your “real-ness” and you are a shining example to us all. May you, Karina and Jordan continue to be held in Divine Light and Love. Always allow the love of those around you to sink in and fill you … even more .. continuing the journey with so many blessings. Sending Love always, Jen

  18. Bob Jarvis says:

    Ben – Thank you for sharing, and for your inspirational view of life and its challenges. You and Karina are in my prayers … good thoughts headed your way.

  19. ?? …glad YouTwo have such a wise loving perspective n attitude…it’s essential for such an amazing journey…have travelled it three times myself as well as several times w others…sending much love…anytime you wish to talk…know I’m always here… Namaste, Bill ???

  20. marsha novak says:

    Healing thoughts and prayers to your family. So happy you have all that support.


  21. I totally get what you’re sharing Ben. My husband and I have been through cancer (he had Base of Tongue Cancer). It never goes the was you think it will go when you hear the word Cancer. For us, it was time to walk our talk, to put our faith to the test if you wish.
    My husband and I are closer than ever. He has been cancer free for 9 years now. We enjoyed our lives before cancer and do so even more now.
    Our priorities shifted to lead a more simpler life, although we sometimes forget that.
    When I hear messages like your, I am reminded of our journey and what we promised each other.
    Keeping positive thoughts to both of you and and sending healing vibs your way.

  22. I understand what you mean, Ben. I had cancer 9 years ago. I also knew how important our emotions are to healing, too, and I didn’t want to stay in a place of sadness that would make it harder to heal. So I started new things, met new people, went to new places. I love adventure, and learning new things. I enrolled in classes, and traveled far more than any of their other patients, I was told. The doctors said my healing, through the surgery, chemo, and radiation, was amazing. I had no nausea, no side effects of the radiation, and did not need to take any medications following the whole treatment. I did lose my hair to the chemo, but that was an adventure too, picking out wigs, and having my daughter make funny comments, like she wished she could have a bare head and wear a wig too, then it would never hurt to have the snarls combed out. She wanted to see me do a few flips, too, to see if it might come off. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Melissa Sweet says:

    What a testament to your inner work, Ben. If I weren’t deep into the work, myself, I would say, ” you must be kidding” but I know that you aren’t. There comes a blessed time when faith, hope, joy and love have very little to do with what’s happening externally. It becomes the ” ground” of our Being.
    I will pray for each of you, that God’s will may be done.
    With love. Melissa

  24. Susan Bensen says:

    Ben, it’s so wonderful how your community has come around to support you all with such love! I am also moved by how this has become a spiritual path for your family! I was diagnosed with lymphoma in April, and it’s been a spiritual path for me as well. I’d love to hear more sometime, when your wife has recovered and you’re all on a smoother path of healing, about how you’ve approached this with such love and presence!

    Sending abundant love and healing to you and Kerena!

  25. Michelle Creveling says:


    Lots of Light and Love and Big Hugs, to all of you.


  26. Halo Ben 😉 big hugz n yup ur right ure officially slowingdown which very gud for body n mind to stand still n take a breath or two lolz 😉 karina will be well stressing doesn’t help just make thingz hell of lot worser I’d say ultrasound to find out how much n where spread is basic n yup to know but if it were I no ultrasound definitely no surgery cause more fuck upz medically natural stuff better perhaps won’t give more time but less pain on extreme end but itz karinas choice afta talking with fam….. Prayers luv light peace n rainbows 😉 tc xxxxoooo mine n da angelz blessingz n protection alwayz 😉 be well n safe ;)n again big love n hugz Ben n family 😉

  27. Kathy Rotella says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Karina and your family. I want to thank you for being such an amazing example of strength and grace for all. If I have learned anything from you and transformation is that we are all where we are suppose to be and the Divine with lovingly take care of us! And so it is.

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