On The Money and Abundance Course


cameron“As a realtor I was scraping by and didn’t know if we could pay the rent next month. While I was in the course I started using the Universal Principles to shift my mind and started feeling a rush of energy. I closed  $2,000,000 in houses in 45 days. I made $50,000 in commissions in one month! That was a lot of unexpected income!”

– Cameron Shuts


“I have reduced my anxiety around money and increased my confidence four-fold. Before the Money Mystics and Manifestation course I was consistently grossing $800,000 a year in my golf course landscaping business, and now that has more than doubled to over $2,000,000 this year!”

– Michael Landsdale


“After the course I climbed out of $12,000 of debt, got two books published including, “Ten Minute Tidy: 108 Ways to Organize Your Office Quickly”. I’m making more now than ever before. I got so much work from new clients that I had to hire help!”

– Shannon McGinnis


“I started to look at my “Shadow” instead of just “Thinking Good Thoughts” and got some freedom from old self-sabotage behaviors. Soon after that change I doubled my income. It was amazing!”

– Jinx


“After taking the course I had more money, more love. I went to Nationals for a slam poetry contest. I’m getting more gigs, more exposure, and more income. I’m forging relationships with people with access to bigger venues that are opening doors for me.”

– Jasmine Schlafky


“After attending The Money Game seminar I feel more accountable for my spending and don’t spend as impulsively. My income has already increased by 20%. I now believe that I can be financially prosperous.”

– Massage Therapist, Pamela Hammond

“I realized how I feared having money because I didn’t feel I deserved it. I stopped spending all my money on stupid things I don’t need. I’m now focused on generating wealth rather than being stuck in my fears. I know how I’m going to retire and live comfortably.”

– Executive Recruiter, Karen Hobson

“Since I started playing the game I increased my annual income by 50% and I purchased my first assets. I now own a portion of a thriving business and a rental property.”

– Local Therapist

“I feel so loved and supported in the group. It helps me to pull out of my self-pity when I see other people work on their tough issues. I feel myself more open, more understanding and more self-assured.”

– Yong Bai, R&D/QA Manager

“I discovered that we all have money issues. What a relief! I thought it was just me. Being able to talk about them and hear others discuss them was a freeing experience.”

– Professional Coach