In the River of Hope


  1. Thank you for this inspiring video! I know everything you do is purposeful. I wish we could talk more, as l know as an individual you have a lot to offer.

    Thank you!

  2. You got it, Ben. I feel this too. You expressed it well.

    At first it felt like we were drowning in a tsunami of anger, fear and hate, overwhelming and never ending. I was literally getting physically ill from the toxic anger in the media.

    Now, what I’m feel in myself, and sensing in those around me is a counter-reaction.

    I actually notice people around me becoming intentionally kinder—perhaps even as an act of open defiance.

    My daughter, who lives halfway around the world in Hungary (itself struggling with an authoritarian regime) told me she is noticing the same among her circles in Budapest.

    I feel within myself a fire has been light. A determination. We are better than this. We can stand up to this.

    No matter what, I will share my light with those around me, who are ready to receive it, and we will prevail. I would even go as far as to say that this election is a gift.

    For one, this election has got me started writing. (Something I’ve been feeling for a long time, hoping to express, never quite ready.)

    In the link below, I’ve shared a recent essay I wrote, entitled

    “I’m back in the USA after 30 years to figure out why our country is going insane—and what we can do about it”

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ben, thanks for your words. I am not in a time in my life where I have a large audience or network, but a small spiritual Bookclub.the people and books inspire me. I will continue to give in that arena to my highest. I have hope due to a couple beliefs, one is out of chaos comes opportunity, and two I believe that humanity is destined for consciousness. It may take many ups and downs but the outcome is ever closer to unity. What’s in the way IS the way. We obviously need to be experiencing this upheaval in order to rise up to a higher level. Yet I pray!!!!

  4. Just getting my toes wet!

  5. We will finally realize that Trump, or any politician, is not our Source, and that we have nothing to fear! We will know that only as we claim the Power that is already within us, will we have not only hope, but assurance, that all is well, as we claim our true Source! And Trump’s multiple inadequaisies will serve as the very wake-up call and stimulus we need to look to that True Source within. It could not have been a better election outcome from that perspective!

  6. Lisa Brahee says:

    Hi Ben, first and foremost thank you for sharing the awesome, raw, uplifting, flame lighting video.

    I’ve jumped in the rive, now it’s a wee bit chilly in MN to do so lol, but I am all it. I truly believe, in my humble opinion that this is the year for people to raise their vibration, to not only let their light be seen, but to also pass it on. I’m passing it on.

    If you have any projects going on in which you could use an extra hand I’d love to be a part of it. God bless you for speaking your truth and for standing brightly in your light! ???

  7. I am working on getting in the river. Shortly after the election my LBGT community suffered losses and I felt that at least with trump in office we would not back down. Everyone I see understands that we need to keep an eye on goals and make certain nothing slips. With Clinton in office we could have let things slip back into ststus quo. Now, we are committed to change because that is the only way we can survive in this climate.
    I am looking to start my land healing and energizing business to bring heaven on earth to as many lands/ people as possible. Rita Morgin at

  8. Frank Proske says:

    The river within us, is in ALL of us, even in those we cannot understand for their choice in November. They are part of the river, albeit a meandering branch that eventually, must rejoin the flow from our Universal Source, back to the ocean of love, our beginning. Step up our game to be sure, but always in love and inclusiveness of all, who are not just a drop, but the whole ocean in a drop. We are all heading back to the light, to love. Love will consume everything for it is all there is.

  9. Pat. De Jong says:

    So glad you hear of your encouragements, of using our game, of the river of hope wre only need step into. So grateful for your shift!

  10. Hi Ben, I’m ready to jump in this river and live “me” and up my game. I’m so glad you’re in the river and have encouraged and inspired me and others to stay awake and commit to being strong and undeterred. I believe in hope too! Thanks for all you do in the world.
    Peace to all, Nancy

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