I Discovered a NEW Enneagram Type!


  1. Franz Ludwig says:

    Dwight David Eisenhower (34th President) was the Supreme Allied Commander during WWII. Reading biographies of Ike will make obvious the similarities to President Obama.

  2. Franz Ludwig says:

    So, if we have the counterphobic 6 and the counterphobic 9, to complete the pattern we should have a counterphobic 3—–yes?

    • Karen Sharp says:

      Or maybe a _phobic_ 3? That maybe the familiar way the 3 shows up is already the counterphobic form of the type?

      I have seen 3’s who feel like they have are failures at that competitive looking-successful achievement. They have a high level of self-doubt and self-distrust, a deep seated fear about their own incapacity, and have resigned the field of battle in a big way. Not temporarily, not for this round or this achievement – it’s bigger than that. That they don’t feel they’re fundamentally capable of the success they otherwise are completely and exclusively focused on. Surrounding that deep seated way they feel they have let themselves down because of their own incapacity, they have all the other 3-like attributes. They seem like 3’s in every other way.

      Maybe that’s a phobic 3.

    • I like the idea of a phobic 3 — let’s explore it with some real people and see how this plays out.

    • Franz, I wouldn’t be surprised if we discover a rare counterphobic version of all the types. It seems the patterns do repeat in the Enneagram system a lot!

  3. Excellent analysis! And agree about (awesome) Barack Obama!

  4. I have understood that the Social 9 is the counter phobic
    That’s my lens in the world and my take id that’s it us far far easier to stand up and take action for others and for the cause than for the self

  5. Bea Chestnut who wrote The Complete Enneagram 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge shows you the counter-phobic types of all nine types. It is worth the read as it really breaks the nine types into 27 types and it is much easier to find your “type”. Highly recommend reading it as I was able to see I had mis-typed myself just looking at the nine types. The counter-phobic types are not as easy to see as they look like other types. When you are looking at 27 types there is a lot more accuracy and ease at finding your mode of being.

  6. Hi Ben. I really like your video and the idea of having a counterphobic 6, 9 and 3. (or maybe even more? Haven’t read the book by Bea Chestnut). Brings more symmetry into the Enneagram.
    Also, I identify myself as a 9 and moreover identify with alot you’re talking about (getting things done, going against the feeling of tiredness and unworthyness). However so far it felt to me as a development of the 9 going from its passion ‘sloth’ towards its virtue ‘inspired action’. Having done some inner work I felt more and more of the ‘counterphobic energy’ you’re talking about. I thought it’s the development towards more of this ‘inspired action’.
    Would be happy to talk to you about that (and you mentioned you want some counterphobic 9 interview partners, so lets check it out 😉 )
    Cheers from Germany

  7. Hi Ben if you’re looking for someone to interview on this new type I think I may be it. I type as an Eight with a Nine Wing and I have this weird mix of toughness and at the same time amicableness yet I don’t fully relate to Eight or Nine.

  8. Yes, Yes, Yes…..I feel like finally you are mirroring what is true for me. I would love to talk to you about this. I have also taken some of the integral training as well: Ken’s course on the new human or Superhuman. There is almost a warrior or Kali energy that won’t let me fall into the nine pattern for very long. I felt as if the ego personality clashing against my true self was the contraction that let me find the momentum to go beyond it as you said….a challenge or a pushing against. There was an awareness that was already there. I have known about the Enneagram for almost 20 years and never felt truly seen in any time. Nine was the closest and where I had the highest score but still there was something that didn’t feel right. I’ve known about you for awhile and just finished doing a course with Ken Wilbur on the Superhuman. He is so connected to the Enneagram teachings and I thought I would give it another try in your course. I still didn’t feel as if I felt a connection with any one type until I saw your video……It so feels like me!!! It’s kismet…….I would love to talk to you.

  9. Nines can be successful and yet self-forgetting. This isn’t new. I’m confused where the perception even comes from that Nines shy away from success. Also, the idea that there can be more than nine types is a little weird. I’m sure you know this, but the Enneagram comes from the Western tradition, which has as its foundation the decimal system, upon which Plato and Aristotle expounded the tenents of math, music, astronomy, and philosophy. All of Western civilization and the way we think was basically made possible because of the earliest organization of items into bundles of ten– early Egyptians civilizations’ ability to count up to ten and start all over again at ten and one. Ten Enneagram types would leave no room for the divine. 😉

    Also, Obama is a Leo, and Leo type 9’s shine despite themselves. Their planet is the sun, and Leos kind of have this idea that the universe revolves around them. But they’re still humble- they shine in service of others.

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