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  1. Melissa Sweet says:

    Ben, this is life transforming for those who are willing to listen. We never know how and in,what ways, we become instruments of the Divine. Who could imagine that this will occur thru Breast Cancer? Who would choose this? But, you and Corinna have demonstrated that everything can be used. How darling Jordan is.
    In addition, Ben, it demonstrates how blessed we are, I as a 2, and you as a 7, are to be in the Positive Outlook triad. I’m becoming aware of the tendency to bypass painful feelings but, still, I’m convinced these attitudes, which are a part of our nature, can transform what only seems like reality.
    Please continue the updates and give Corinna, Jordan and yourself a kiss from me.
    Continued love. Melissa

  2. Hey Ben,

    My heart is with you, Kerena and your family as you go through this spiritual journey! I’m sending you all my iridescent, periwinkle energy; like being bathed in the aurora borealis, connected to heaven. When I first saw the email with the content, I thought, really? You’re doing videos about your wife’s cancer? No way! That’s a bit inappropriate. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! What an inspirational series of videos! You are showing such a high level of transparency and being real! I recorded a healing meditation for my friends who are experiencing cancer. Feel free to share this with anyone who resonates with it. It is 4 minutes long.
    Much Love,

  3. Beautiful. I am so glad for you, your wife and your family. Hurrrrrayyyyy! Sending love. Thank you for sharing the story about your experience and reminding us how important community and receiving is.

  4. Thank you for sharing with us Ben. I had visions of the doctors being able to remove all of the necessary tissue to eliminate the cancer!! This will be the beginning of the rest of a long life you have together. So very happy for you!!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Karin Robbins says:

    So good Ben. Thrilled with the amazing outcome for Kerena. Yes!! Thanks for letting us all in so we can support you. Jordan is adorable. Love and blessings surrounding all 3 of you ongoingly. I’m sending this to my family right now. Thank you.

  6. Bob Jarvis says:

    Awesome video, Ben … truly from your heart. And I’m so glad to hear that Corinna is cancer-free. What a blessing, and answer to our prayers. And a delight to see Jordan – what a sweetheart! Blessings to you, Corinna and Jordan as you continue with life’s adventure.

  7. How touching! You are an exceptional, amazing couple filled with overflowing love. May you never forget these days. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. Your terrific medical team whose love and tenderness warms my heart beyond what words can express. You all make the world a better place. We need more like you???

  8. BILL POLLARD says:

    Ben and Corinna, I want to share with you my witnessing of your hearts connecting before you knew and you proclaimed it to the community. I was at an Enneagram conference in San Francisco with you. And after the days conference, I was going to invite you to join me for dinner. When I saw you two together, I could see that you had joined up and you were in the moment of discovery. A beautiful site to behold. Thank you both for sharing yourselves with all of us.

  9. I am so moved! Thank you and I am celebrating the good outcome to surgery. It was so good to “meet” you r daughter on video too. Great message to lean out and come neck and form relationships and hang in through the difficulties to the real connections.

  10. Hi Ben,

    I am so moved by your video…at first so sorry to hear about Kerrin’s cancer…and love that you embraced it as “we cancer”! You are so present and present for her through surgery. And what a beautiful daughter you have. You are contributing to the community in so many ways even with parenting of a beautiful (deep) child for our futures. I lived in Santa Cruz for 33 years of my life….am in Dallas, TX. now. Otherwise I would be there to help with your ‘meal train’. I will hold you all in prayer for continued healing and transformation as individuals and the many circles of community you touch with goodness. God Bless!

  11. I am so happy to hear the operation went so well. You both not only are healed from this but you healed a chunk of the the world in the process. This video is so touching, inspiring, wise, transformative – and to top it all – super CUTE with Jordan’s appearance.
    THANK YOU BEN, CORINNA, JORDAN and all your family for letting us be a part of this deeply transformative process.

  12. Susan Bensen says:

    I’m so glad for you all that Kerena’s surgery was so successful! I’ve been so moved to hear of the amazingly present and compassionate medical and community support around you. Wishing you, Kerena and beautiful Jordan lots of love, support and healing in this recovery phase!

  13. Kathie Hoyt says:

    Wonderful news! Kerena will continue to need support and prayers as she recovers from the surgery, along with you and Jordan and the medical staff that are taking care of Kerena. I will keep you all in my prayers. As a Nurse, I don’t know if it’s in our training, or if it is simply a natural part of our being to focus on each person’s needs and provide the caring from the heart as well as medically. I think it is natural; then we get the training for the professional part of our career. You are spot on that because of your involvement with your community, your needs are met by many who know you. You have touched & transformed so many people’s lives, that we want to reciprocate in kind. Thanks for keeping us all posted on this very private part of your life. So happy to hear some good news! Sending love & prayers to you, Kerena & Jordan.

    • Ben Saltzman says:

      Thanks! We just found out that the rest of the lymphs are good so I think we are through the worst of this!

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